Features & Advantages

As a national-level platform approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Education, facing the country and Yunnan province comprehensive implementation of rural revitalization of the great opportunity, especially relying on the construction of Yunnan Provincial Rural Revitalization Institute in 2021, Bearing the obligations and responsibilities of helping Yunnan implement the Rural Revitalization Strategy, Institute of New Rural Development of Yunnan Agricultural University and Yunnan Provincial Rural Revitalization Institute are committed to building the Institute into a new signboard of Yunnan Agricultural University based on the reality of border ethnic areas and highlighting the local characteristics of Yunnan. In other words, It is the source of theoretical research on new rural construction in frontier ethnic areas, the “experimental field” that drives trans-regional agricultural collaborative innovation and service, and the “bridgehead” for agricultural science and technology promotion and rural social service from Southeast Asia to South Asia.  

It is our essence to integrate academic and research institutions to support the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy. The institute focuses on the forward-looking, strategic and overall issues of new rural construction for Yunnan region, and carries out in-depth policy research and theoretical innovation. Through the implementation and participation in UN projects, National Social Science Fund and other topics by research, investigation and analysis, so as to promote the development of local characteristics and advantageous industries, and help the implementation of Yunnan Rural Revitalization Strategy.

It is our characteristics to cooperate with counties to provide technical services for regional development. Through the platform of "Science and Technology backyard", the Institute gives full play to the advantages of scientific research and talents of the university, and provides technical services and guarantee for local development centering on the development needs of local rural characteristic industries. The Institute has successively awarded "characteristic industrial base" to the honey industry in Yangla Township, Deqin County, Diqing Prefecture, the apple industry in Guishan Town, Shilin County, Kunming, and the Chonglou industry in Laowo Town, Lushui City, Nujiang Prefecture, expanding the influence of the university.

It is our advantages to provide talent support for rural revitalization by training postgraduate students. Since 2017, the academy has been recruiting postgraduates in rural science and technology development, which is the only one of 39 new rural development institutes nationwide to cultivate comprehensive and applied talents for rural revitalization. Up to now, it has enrolled 5 academic postgraduate students. Although the number of graduates is small, the employment rate of graduates who have graduated for two terms is 100%.